We propose full turn-key solution for waste to electricity

The mission of Biogreen Africa company is to implement the waste-to-energy solutions of ETIA on the African market.

As an exclusive distributor of ETIA products, we offer full waste to electricity systems based on patented technology for high temperature thermochemical conversion. We propose complete technical solution for producing off-grid electricity by transforming MSW, industrial and commercial waste or biomass waste into valuable fuels that are used in engine for combined heat and power production

Our offer includes:

  • Full EPC (Engineer, Procure and Construct) contract for converting pelletized RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel produced from Municipal Solid Waste into electricity) with using ETIA – Biogreen® technologies
  • Engineering services – Project Ownership Assistance or Project Management Assistance on the whole technical chain, starting from the preparation of the waste up to full waste to energy system
  • Operation and maintenance contracts on the commissioned equipment

PyroPOWER solution

300 kW, 500 kW, 1 MW and 2 MW electricity

Majority of calorific waste generated in African continent is now landfilled or dumped with enormous negative impact to the environment and economy. We provide complete systems for turning the waste into electricity. Our technical offer includes PYROPOWER® modular systems for 300kW, 500kW, 1 MW and 2 MW electricity units. Proposed solution is based on unique and patented Biogreen® technology for thermochemical conversion and offers a turn-key system that combines three main steps of material processing:

  • Feedstock preparation. Preparation of product for thermochemical valorization. Segregation, cleaning, shredding and densification of mixed stream of material to obtain valuable fuel for waste to energy process.
  • High-temperature pyrolysis. Thermochemical conversion in Biogreen® high temperature pyrolysis unit. Generation of valuable fuels that can be converted into electricity.
  • Conversion to electricity. Conditioning of syngas and conversion into electricity in combined heat and power units.

Biogreen® – Patented system for thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste

Biogreen® is an innovative and patented by ETIA  process for thermochemical conversion of biomass, plastic and waste. It includes an exclusive and patented pyrolysis system that extracts useful substances to be used as a source of energy or a renewable product for green chemical applications.

System’s principle bases on the the Spirajoule® technology, an exclusive process for thermal treatment. Thermal treatment unit is designed with a low voltage electrically heated worm screw conveyor. The screw heats the product as a result of the Joule effect. The product temperature is precisely controlled basing on the heating screw temperature setting; the dwell time is regulated by screw rotation speed setting.

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