We are exclusive distributor of ETIA products for African market

Biogreen Africa S.A.S. is a subsidiary of ETIA, French engineering company established in 1989, specializing in innovation, equipment and systems for a sustainable food processing and valorization of biomass and waste into valuable product and energy.

The mission of Biogreen Africa company is to implement the waste-to-energy solutions of ETIA on the African market. We offer full waste-to-electricity systems based on patented technology for high-temperature thermochemical conversion. We propose complete technical solution for producing off-grid electricity by transforming MSW, industrial and commercial waste or biomass waste into valuable fuels that are used in engine for combined heat and power production.


Protecting environment by managing waste and minimizing pollution.

Circular Economy

Efficient management of waste materials and transforming it into valuable power.

Sustainable Growth

Waste management that supports development of communities.

Local Electricity

Compact and decentralized solutions for on-site production of electricity.


ETIA Group

ETIA (Evaluation Technologique, Ingénierie et Applications) is a French engineering company specializing in innovation, equipment and processes for sustainable solutions in food processing and valorization of biomass and waste. Company designs, engineers and sales plants for processing of any bulk material, mainly for the agro-food industry, environment and energy sector.

ETIA covers more than 35 countries in the five continents. Company is recognized as one of the 2000 most innovative companies in France in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 by the BPI (Banque Publique d’Investissement) and has the BPI excellence label. ETIA operates worldwide with agents and representations in Europe, Africa, Asia and the America. Company’s knowledge and expertise is worldwide recognized.

To know more please visit: www.biogreen-energy.com and www.etia.fr


27 years of Thinking Sustainable

The history of ETIA Group originates in 1989 when the specialized equipment for processing and sanitizing of various food products was introduced to the market. This experience in food engineering, combined with using unique thermal processing equipment, has lead ETIA to be the leader on the market for steam sterilization process.

Throughout the years, expansion in food industry has brought ETIA Group to search for innovative solutions to manage the by-products and waste materials spent in various food processes. Focused on finding a green solution for sustainable management of by-products, ETIA has developed Biogreen – an exclusive technology for pyrolysis conversion of the low-value materials into useful products – syngas, oil and biochar. This innovative application of biomass waste management has opened new markets and with time, brought ETIA a leading position among the suppliers of thermal treatment technologies in France and Europe.

In the course of developing technologies ETIA constantly search for new fields of applications for its units. The experience on biomass processing has brought ETIA to develop the solutions dedicated not only for valorization of biomass waste, but also thermochemical conversion of selected municipal waste, waste plastics, sewage sludge and many more. Following the interest of market, ETIA has developed a special line of products dedicated for high temperature applications focused on waste-to-energy processes. Years of experience in pyrolysis and commercially proven system of bulk products conversion places ETIA on the leading position among the suppliers of decentralized solutions for waste-to-energy.

Biogreen Africa S.A.S. extends the sustainable development philosophy of ETIA to the African Market. Company was established in 2015 as a result of increasing demand for waste-to-electricity solutions coming from Africa. Biogreen Africa has been created by a team of managers specialized in transforming waste into fuel in Middle East and Africa market. Since it’s origin, Biogreen Africa cooperates with local municipalities and waste management companies to develop projects focused on converting the municipal solid waste and biomass waste into electricity for Africa.

For more information please visit www.biogreen-energy.com and www.etia.fr

Our Team

Decades of experience in Green Engineering

The management of Biogreen Africa is a strong team that brings together decades of experience in the field of waste management, alternative fuels production, environmental protection, thermal processing and process engineering. After years of developing the waste management projects in various location all over the world, we have decided to commit ourselves to creating the positive impact on the African market.

African Market

Searching for Green Energy solutions

It is expected that Africa will double its population by 2040 creating 3% to 4% economic growth. 85% of population in sub-Saharan countries are without access to minimum waste management services exposed to insufficient collection and dumpsites situation creating strong environmental issues and high impact of global warming house gases.

In most countries in Africa, current supply of electricity through grid is unreliable, requiring widespread and costly private use of back-up generators running on diesel. Therefore, by 2030, the net electricity generation in Africa is expected to triple and capacity will have to go from current 140 GW to 420 GW, possibly up to 620 GW. In these new capacity 20% up to 60% in some scenarios will come from renewable energy and out of these, at least 10% will come from biomass and waste.

BIOGREEN AFRICA offers full « Waste to Electricity » solution to supply small « off-grid » power units fueled by RDF pellets from Municipal Solid Waste. This solution will replace conventional fossil fuel in power generation solving both the problem of MSW management as well as creating competitive tariff for electricity production.